Kim Kays, Executive Director

  Swing for Kids 

"Alex is very talented and has a wealth of knowledge to offer nonprofits, schools, and small businesses. I worked with her not only in her role at Erie, but she helped provide valuable information to me when starting my nonprofit. The advice, knowledge, and suggestions she had helped shape the way we organized and run Swing for Kids. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing an outside perspective on their organization!"

  Patricia Horsch, Board of Directors

  Vice President for Academic Achievement

  Erie Elementary Charter School 

Providing services in: 

Operations Audits


Staffing Audits




Interim Staffing

"[Alex created our annual report] and it was terrific! The information was so accessible. It demonstrated how our charter school has capitalized on important research, used talented staff and seized the opportunity to take risks and experiment with learning. Makes me proud to be part of Erie."